Studio Mind Oy - in english

Studio Mind Ltd, founded in 2002 and based in Helsinki and Mikkeli, Finland, is a multi-disciplinary design agency and software company specializing in creative audiovisual communications, digital engineering and user friendly artificial intelligence.
Our strength is in the ability to integrate digital design and advanced technologies into diverging media solutions to meet the challenging needs of our customers.
Our typical projects involve customized, interactive and intelligent user interfaces built upon our 2D data mapping technologies and our semantic engine platform. Textplorer is our special software product for natural language text and sentiment analysis.

Contact us at:

Studio Mind Ltd
Hietasenkatu 6
FI-50150 Mikkeli

Pasi Karhu, CEO +358 50 377 4875
Mia Marttiini, Chairwoman +358 44 588 1717
email: firstname.surname(at)